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add to favorites Dedicated line in Rhode Island
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One trial line available in Rhode Island.

Virtually unlimited IPs with 24/7 access. Dual connection, so you do not get kicked off when switching IPs. Will need to discuss the type of activity associated with the line. I reserve the right to refuse anyone and to periodically checkup and monitor the traffic to make sure nothing illegal is being done.


Free trial available. Contact me at xorchid1@gmail.com
add to favorites Unlimited Clean IPs!!! Unlimited Lines!!!!
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I am offering RDSL lines based in cities around the NW USA. I allow a 2 hour test and great personalized service. Fully Dynamic IP addresses with a personal server. Modem reset takes about 10 seconds and gives you a new IP as often as you want. Price is $90 a week or $300 a month with no start-up cost. Email me at tyler_60us@hotmail.com for questions.
add to favorites Special promotion
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Remote DSL for CL posting only.

- Lowest price on the market, can pay daily.
- No setup fee.
- Windows XP Professional.
- Remote access is Teamviewer.
- Change IP with one click.

*** very limited, first come first serve.
add to favorites Chicago DSL available - Low Price - Special
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Chicago IP available for your Craigslist postings. Payment via paypal. """"Very limited""" contact immediately and reserve.
add to favorites BEST OFFER!!! DSL for rent in NYC
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$90/week.$140/biweekly.$280/month. No setup fees or hidden charges. DSL lines in NY.
add to favorites Offering RDSL for Boston, New York
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only $300 a month RDSL For Boston, New York for local posting. Unabused ip

Another service I have for manual poster is an ip solutions to post nationwide with 95% live ratio.
DSL Rentals